“I found this secret way, sort of, that led into like a huge real maze.”

So we were at, like, a U-Haul place. Um, if you don’t know that is, like where we went there was, like, this little garage with tons of moving stuff in it and, like, those are basically, like, just tons of these little tiny garages of moving stuff. And then we ju- — we found ou- — we wanted to go explore. We found out it’s a little loop and we thought it was fun since it was like a maze. And then I found a separate way. And then like the lights got darker. And we got further away from the people there, since we were just there with his parents and some people they were helping move, um, like move into a new house. Um, and it had this oppos- — I found this secret way, sort of, that led into like a huge real maze.

So my friend asked his mom if she would come with us and it was kind of scary since the floor was different, the lights were dimmer, and we couldn’t hear the voices as much so it was really scary. But with his mom, it wasn’t. And then he kept telling me that he wanted to go there just by himself. I’m like, “Uh, no thanks.” And he kept asking, so I finally said yes. So we went and we were walking. And then — and we were both pretty scared looking behind us to see if we would get, like, attacked or something. And the- — well, no, not really, but we saw a light turn off. And at that moment, it was really scary for us since we ke- — we ke- — just kept thinking scary things since it was kind of eerie and stuff. Um, and then when the lights turned off — and really I think it was just a motion-activated light or something or the battery died. And, you know, I’m not super old, so I just like ran and ran. And my friend kept looking behind us. And then we finally got back and then we decided not to go again. And we asked his parents if we could go into the car. And that’s what we did.

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