A photograph of a row of clothes hangers on a rail in what appears to be a store.

“And I still have that bathrobe … I use it when I take a shower at my parents’ house.”

The really first and longest time that I had a communal bathroom was in college, in a dorm. I remember not really being thrilled with that idea when I started there, and, and knew that that was the situation. We — So, I grew up in Michigan and I ended up going to undergrad in California, about an hour-ish from where my aunt and uncle live. And so when I moved out there, they picked me up at the airport and took me shopping for the things that I couldn’t bring with me on the airplane. And I remember we went to a department store — I don’t know which department store it was. I guess it could have just been Target, maybe, I don’t know. But my aunt doesn’t really shop at Target, so it could have been, like it was probably like Macy’s or Nordstrom or something sort of ridiculous. Um, she’s — she likes to shop at those places, which is fine, but they just are too expensive for, for me. But we got a bathrobe there because she knew that I was going to need a bathrobe because I would be in the dorm, and I would want to have a bathrobe that I could either just walk down to the, the bathroom in or that I could take with me and, and walk back in. Whatever.

And I still have that bathrobe. It’s at my parents’ house and it’s — I still use it when I take a shower at my parents house. I, I leave it — leave it in the bathroom there. It hangs on a hook like behind the door, and every time I take a shower, I put it on and I think of buying it before I went to undergrad in 2001. So, that was 22 years ago. And it’s a white bathrobe, and it still is white. Like, it’s held up really well, probably because it came from an expensive store and was actually, you know, of good quality. Um, and it has frogs on it, which I’m not the biggest fan of frogs, so I don’t know if there was no other option or if that’s just what I decided at the time that I liked. I’m not really sure, but I do remember using it in college.

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