A photograph of skeins of colored yarn arranged in rows.

“They’d grown to such epic proportions in my brain.”

I, I normally, you know, try to enjoy the process of knitting, and I normally do, but it was like, between the cursed yarn, the knitting with double pointed needles that I didn’t want to do, the mistake — I just wanted to be done with them. And I did finish them. They looked great. They fit her well, but I brought them to this get together. And we were walking up as they pulled up, and I had gotten my uncle some baked goods. So I was like, “Hey, I’ll just drop these in the car”, you know, “there’s no point bringing them into the restaurant.” And my aunt made some comment about, “Oh, do you also have the IOUs from last year?” And I was like, “What did I IOU you from last year? I don’t remember.” And one of the things were these mittens. I’m like, “Oh my god.” At this point they’d grown to such epic proportions in my brain that I was like, you know, “These are the main gift that I’m giving you this year. And apparently I said I’d, you know, give them to you last year.” So anyway, maybe not a big deal to most people. It was just very stressful and definitely felt like that whole day went down the drain.

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