A photo of colored plastic lottery balls with numbers on them.

“Here’s a lottery card. You’re gonna need it.”

We’re trying to sell our house, and our realtor sends out Christmas cards like realtors and mortgage originators do. I learned this after we bought a house, that realtors and mortgage originators, once they have your, your name it doesn’t matter if you’ve already bought a house, they will continue to send you Christmas and birthday cards for, like, ever, apparently. Well, ei- eight years anyhow! So she, she sent us a Christmas card and it had a lottery ticket in it. And we, we are not — I, I have never — I don’t think I’ve ever played a lottery ticket before. Like, every time it gets really big, I think about it. It’s like, “Hmm, oh,” but, but then yeah, I don’t — it’s like, eh, eh, let somebody else have it, like, cuz I’m not going to win it anyway, and I feel — we — it’s like, gambling addiction’s a thing, and I feel bad participating in that, but I was not the one who gave the money in this instance.

And so I looked up — I had to look up on the Internet how to play the lottery card. It was like some Christmas related one. It’s called Partridge in a Pear Tree. And I was like, “Am I supposed to scratch up all of em? Am I only supposed to scratch off certain ones?” Like, “Is there any actual element of play in this, or is this literally just you receive it and you scratch it off to get somebody to have more of a dopamine release?” Like, if you actively do something instead of just looking at a card, like, the dopamine… It turns out it’s the dopamine thing because yeah, you were supposed to scratch off all of them. So I scratched off all of em. Didn’t win a dang thing, which is not really a surprise. I was hoping. I was hoping. But then I was reflecting. I was like, this is kind of a mixed message, cuz we’re going to be trying to sell our house in the next year. Well, the next like six months or so, maybe even, we — we’re hoping to have it on the market in like, four months. So I was kind of like, “Is this a message from our realtor?” Like, “Here’s a lottery card. You’re gonna need it.”

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