A photo of a cat's head and upper body. The cat is facing the camera. It's mouth is open and it seems to be yowling or meowing.

[Meow!] “Oh my gosh, my cat. Hello.” [Meow!]

Note: There is language that is excluded in the transcript but not excluded in the audio.

[Meow!] Oh my gosh, my cat. Hello. [Meow!] So, [Meow!] he is carrying around [Meow!] a stuffed turkey. Like, it looks like a roast turkey. He’s carrying it around in his mouth and yowling like he’s worried about it, which is a thing [Meow!] that he picked up from a cat [Meow!] that I was fostering, [Meow!] and he particularly likes to bring it over to Thea, my other cat, and yowl really loudly at her as if she’s causing some kind of problem. And she’s completely innocent of any problem with that thing. He just — he’s just manufacturing drama. It is the weirdest thing, and we owned him for years without him doing this, and it wasn’t until [Meow!] like I said, my other cat — the cat I was fostering did this, and he watched her do it and I’ll be d***ed if he didn’t pick it up himself. He used to only do it at night, but now he does it [Meow!] whenever he feels like it. Oh for Pete’s sake, would you settle down over there? The stuffed turkey cat toy is pretty cute, I must say.

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