A photo shows fields in the lower third of the image. In the upper two thirds we see clouds in the sky. There's a twister forming near the horizon.

“You’re leaving my sister up there in the tornado?”

Today’s prompt was, “When have you ever had to hide in the basement for a storm?” It wasn’t a storm, but it was a tornado warning. So, back in an old state where I lived, there were a lot of tornado warnings and stuff like that because there were like all types of natural disasters. The only thing we didn’t have was probably hurricanes. So, we got a tornado warning. We’ve actually gotten it like, maybe three to four times the amount of time I was there. But, so we went down to the, uh, basement. We had a pretty nice basement. It had like a couch and all that stuff. It was really cold though, but we didn’t go into the cold areas. It was like a furnished, finished basement, and then half of it was unfinished, but it was more of like a hallway thing. We used to put all our old toys there and like stuff. We even had this little like, mirror with a few candles. I remember trying to summon Bloody Mary once, but like not actually because I was like, genuinely concerned that she would like, come out and you know, eat me or something.

So back to the tornado story. So, we had a tornado warning and so my aunt ushered me, my sister, and my three — two or three cousins downstairs. My brother wasn’t born yet at this time, so he wasn’t there, I think. Yeah. And so after that, um, we went downstairs and we were waiting for the tornado drill to be over. We brought down some chocolate milk because, you know, we don’t really know how long we’re gonna be there. And while we’re down there, my aunt realizes that she forgot the binky for one of my younger cousins, and so she tells my sister to go upstairs and go get it, and at this time I was like, probably eight? Like, five to eight. I wasn’t exactly the smartest or sharpest tool in the shed, and so I was like, “Oh my gosh, she’s sending my sister into the line of fire.” Like I’m pretty sure the tornado was nowhere near us, but I was like, “Oh my gosh, how could you do this, auntie?” Yeah, she was fine. It literally took like two seconds to go up and get a binky and come back down because the binky was in the kitchen and the basement door was in the kitchen, and so it really took like two seconds, but I was like, “Oh my gosh, you’re leaving my sister up there in the tornado? You’re horrible!” Yeah. And that’s the last time I can remember hiding in a basement for a tornado drill.

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