“I think the most expensive thing I’ve ever broken would be my face.”

So I think the most expensive thing I've ever broken, just taking it in a different direction, would be my face. I was a freshman in college, and I was playing soccer. And our coach was having us run a drill that as I describe it you're gonna think to yourself, "Well, of course this was the outcome." In this drill for soccer, he was asking us to head the ball. So you were competing with the person in front of you. Um, so really dumb, very stupid. Of course, this was gonna happen. What was interesting I guess, in my case, was we did not hit each other kind of face to face head on. I was coming up behind someone -- I say -- and then I think once you -- backing up a moment, once you got the ball one direction, I think the goal was maybe to keep it off the ground or something. So people were juggling with their feet, their knees, their chest, their heads, whatever. And you're trying to move it down this field and I think maybe every time it touched the ground they’d do a new, like, quote unquote "jump ball" So that was the drill.  And I was coming up behind someone who was really short, like five one or two and I'm five seven and a half-ish and she, she was facing away from me, and she went to flick the ball backwards with her head, but she ended up head butting me with the back of her head on my orbital on my face. And I fell down, but I was a freshman so I was really awkward and just wanted to not make a big deal about things. So I stood up. I was like, "Oh, I'm fine," not knowing my face was bleeding at this point and then I just kind of fell down again without, um, deciding to do that which is the only time in my life that's happened. So then I realized, "Okay. Something's probably not great." And I went off to sit by the side of the field. And my coach at the time was pretty awful. And so I'm sitting and I'm bleeding and I don't even know if he called anybody. And then, shortly thereafter the captain broke her nose, or got hit really hard on the bridge of her…

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“I kissed a lot of frogs before I found a prince.”

It's been a long time since I went out on a date with somebody new, but boy, I'll tell you. I kissed a lot of frogs before I found a prince. That was a famous line and it's true. Oh, so many times I wanted to swear off dating, and I did for a while because I figured I had been through enough. I decided if I found somebody, good, and if I didn't, I would just do something else on the weekends. I wasn't going out on dates. And then, while I was doing that I decided to be -- I was part of the old Residence Hall Advisory Board. And so we had a dance at our dorm, and we invited different people from different places to come, and this one guy that I knew came and brought the guy from down the hall from him. And while we were there, and I was in charge of the room where we were having everything, this guy threw up. It's what happened back in the old days when they used to serve garbage can punch in the 70s. Oh, that stuff was awful. Anyway, he threw up and I had to go and find the janitor's closet and the mop bucket and all that good stuff, and this guy shows up and he says to me, "If you will dance with me afterwards, I will clean up this mess. This guy that threw up was my roommate and I feel kind of bad about it. So, if you'll dance with me, I'll clean it up." I wasn't going to turn that down. I didn't care what this guy looked like or who he was, I wasn't gonna clean up this other guy's barf. So he cleaned it up and I danced with him. He was a horrible dancer. He was just a horrible dancer. He seemed like kind of a nice guy, but he was a horrible dancer. And I didn't know what his name was. I didn't really pay any attention to him, and afterwards he kinda disappeared. I think he took his roommate home, and I didn't see him again. Later the next week, I had been at a meeting -- another RHA meeting, where we had been sitting for a long time and I had been drinking pitchers of Coca-Cola and I really -- when I…

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“You should get rejected, not reject yourself.”

I recently saw this, like, TikTok, and I -- m- -- okay. My new year's resolution was along the lines of, like, trying new things, being more open, stuff like that, because I'm going to college and so this is my last semester. And so I feel, like, that this is, like, the right time to really, like, I can just do whatever. So I joined my school play. I've never been in a play. Um, and, you know, stuff like this. But I recently saw a TikTok about how you should get rejected, not reject yourself.  Like -- um, I can, like, kind of relate to this, because over the summer I didn't think any professors would say yes to me. Regardless, they did not, I got my last email today from my professor saying that I can't. But over the summer, I was like, "There's no way a professor would say yes to letting me shadow with them." And so I just didn't, like, ask. And I waited months and I was like, "Okay, I'll just, like, try." And I emailed everyone, and a lot of people said no, but it wasn't -- many "no"s weren't because they wouldn't allow it, it was because of things like different things going on, stuff like that.  But I realized, like, how true that statement is, of like, you should let yourself get rejected, not, um, reject yourself, because you never know what might happen. Like I never know, if one of those professors happened to have an opening, I could be there just because I asked. And yeah, I got rejected from all of them, but I -- I don't know, that really stuck to me because a lot of times I'm like, there's no way I would ever get it or something like that, and now it's like, "Why wouldn't I get it?" I guess, if that makes sense?  Like you always think about, like, for example, like, college scholarships. Especially like Duke and stuff like that. Um, those percentages -- the percentage of kids who get those scholarships is like 1%, 2% and I'm like, "Wow, like I'll never -- there's no way." But then I was -- like, I don't know. I shouldn't limit myself because I think I can't do it.

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“That was when I looked behind me and there was a pit bull.”

But I think they went into one of our cousins' houses, and I wasn't paying attention at all to behind me, because I thought, "Okay. The threat is over. Threat is down. It's fine. We'll, we'll all be fine." But that was when I looked behind me, and there was a pitbull. I think it was the pitbull that hadn't chased at us, but it was the other one that went in a different direction. ‘Cause it, like, went through the alley, then went back to the front. So then I just -- I just was frozen. I was way too scared. I never met a dog like this, especially at this age. And it was pretty big, right? It's, it's a pit bull. It was a whole adult pitbull, and I honestly, like, ah, shiver me timbers, right? Um, so I just stood there frozen. And it started walk -- barking at me all of a sudden, but didn't, like, lunge at me, which was obviously good. And it could have bit me.  I'm not sure -- to be honest, I think the only reason that it chased us, or like ran towards us and chased us, was because we ran. So I thought, maybe because I was frozen at that time, [it] didn't bite me or think that I was playing with it, it didn't chase me. I think that's a really good lesson to learn.

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“But in that moment, I felt a sense of camaraderie.”

This guy in my class who I wasn't really the biggest fan of, he's like -- he's not like a popular kid, but he's, like, edgy if you know what I mean. My friend group is more of the soft cinnamon rolls who are nice. Sometimes they can be preppy, but they're usually very nice and they're -- be like -- well, not like, popular. Like, they don't act like a popular kid. They could be a popular kid, but they don't act like popular kids. And so this guy was not at all in my like -- what's? -- radar. This dude, I've probably said, like, five minutes worth of conversation to him in the past two years. And I'm pretty sure the five minutes were probably related to school. But anyway, so he wasn't a friend. If anything I would call him a person I know from the hallway or something. But he was yelling across -- well, no. The girl next to him who was, who was my friend was talking -- was yelling across the classroom to talk to a guy who was at my table who's also a friend.  And she was like, "Do you know NewJeans?" That's a K-Pop group. He was like, "What?" And so the guy who I'm not -- who I'm not friends with yelled over the room, "NewJeans! You don't know NewJeans?" And I was like, "Oh my gosh, I know NewJeans!" And he was like, "Yeah! You know NewJeans?" I'm like, "Yeah! What other groups do you listen to?" And he was like, "No, it's just NewJeans."  But in that moment, I felt a sense of camaraderie, you know. I was like, yes, slay! 'Cause I did not think that he liked K-pop.

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“So we went and played mini basketball for about like seven hours straight.”

Oh you see so I had my cousin over for like four days and we went to an open gym at like 8am, I think, and then we played, played, played. I cooked like usual. And then we get home. We were like, "What should we do?" My parents left, so we were home alone. We were like "What the crap should we do?" So we went and played mini basketball for about like seven hours straight and then it was like, I don't know what time it was, but when we got done, we made cookies and then played more basketball. And then like my mom dad got home and like what was like -- wher- -- they were like "what did you do all the time?" And we were like, "Played basketball." And they were like, "Are you serious?" And I was like "Yes." Uh, yeah, so that's what I did over my Christmas break.

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“It was kind of like a ecosystem within itself.”

One of the biggest gardens I've ever been to I'm pretty sure it was in Singapore. Um. And or n- -- ye- -- ehrm, or it was Malaysia and it was like a glass dome and there was like multiple levels. It was kind of like a ecosystem within itself. Like it had birds flying and flowers everywhere and butterflies and fruit and stuff, um, they're growing. That was really cool to see. Uh, they had like these stairs you had to walk up and down. Um, and yeah, it was really nice. It was kind of like being in an actual rainforest so it was like really muggy and there was trees and vegetation everywhere.

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“Look, I’m wearing my socks!”

Oh, "Have I ever done something that I made or did that didn't work?" I knit a pair of wonderful socks. I knit socks, wool socks. They're nice. I like them. It's cold outside, I wear them, they're great. However, I worked really, really hard on a wonderful pair of pink and white and turquoise striped socks. They had a wonderful pattern. They looked great and I was really excited because the pattern matched completely both -- over both socks. They just matched perfect, was so excited with them. They looked just wonderful. I finished them. I had tried them on as I went and I finished them and I tried them on, and they were too big. And I thought, "Well, I'll, I'll wash them and I'll -- maybe they'll shrink up a little bit. They're wool, maybe they'll shrink up a little bit." But they were the super wash wool and they didn't shrink up. And they were just, just a little bit too big. And I had a frie- -- I have a friend who I worked with for years, she's one of the people who went to Michigan State, and I said to her, "You take a nine shoe, don't you?" and she said, "Yeah." I said "Well, my eight and a half socks turned into a nine and they're just too big. And I would like to give them to you if you would like to have a pair of socks." And she said to me, "I've always wanted a pair of hand knit socks." And I said, "Well you're getting a pair now." So I took them to her house. She put them on, they fit perfectly. Every so often, she sends me a picture of them on a cold day and says, "Look, I'm wearing my socks!" I'm so glad I gave them to her. It makes me so happy that she's wearing them and that she is happy with her socks because they're, they're really, pretty cool.

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“And then my car just like, whoop! Into the median.”

What's the most valuable thing you've ever broken? One of our team members broke their laptop on the first day of their study abroad. Ooh, that'd be scary. Um, well, like one winter I, um -- what do they call it? Hold on. Totaled a car? So I had a little small two-door car and I was driving to work at a big box retail store. And I didn't realize that, like, hey, the -- what are they called? The on-ramps are icier than, like, regular road. So the regular road was fine, and then I get onto the on ramp, and it's just like, an ice slide. And luckily nobody was like right there at that particular time in the highway. And then my car just like, whoop! Into the median, um, and it just -- I mean, it would have cost more to fix it than what it did to buy the car. So it was totaled and plus the air bag went off and stuff. Um, and so then I had to carpool and take the bus for a very long time after that. And so I think that's one of the reasons why I'm just so cautious with driving and cars and things like that now is because I know how easy, how quick it is to like, "Hey, I'm in control of the car -- no I'm not, and there is nothing that I can do about it."

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“It smelled so strongly of Froot Loops.”

We were in a greenhouse, and they had some kind of geranium, a scented geranium, and they said, um, you know, "Touch the leaves and then smell your fingers, and you'll get a sense of it." And it smelled so strongly of Froot Loops. I couldn't get over it! And I think of Froot Loops as being a very artificial smell, so it was really wild to have a natural -- you know, like an, an actual plant smell like this thing that I thought was like, you know, like the chemical version of lemon and fruit. It also smelled kind of like a, like a wet wipe? You know, some kind of, like -- the wet naps for your hands also have that Froot Loop smell. Anyway, I, I really enjoyed that that little geranium. And I was thinking if I ever saw one for sale, I'd have to get one because I'm just like so charmed by it.

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