“It smelled so strongly of Froot Loops.”

We were in a greenhouse, and they had some kind of geranium, a scented geranium, and they said, um, you know, “Touch the leaves and then smell your fingers, and you’ll get a sense of it.” And it smelled so strongly of Froot Loops. I couldn’t get over it! And I think of Froot Loops as being a very artificial smell, so it was really wild to have a natural — you know, like an, an actual plant smell like this thing that I thought was like, you know, like the chemical version of lemon and fruit. It also smelled kind of like a, like a wet wipe? You know, some kind of, like — the wet naps for your hands also have that Froot Loop smell.

Anyway, I, I really enjoyed that that little geranium. And I was thinking if I ever saw one for sale, I’d have to get one because I’m just like so charmed by it.

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