“You should get rejected, not reject yourself.”

I recently saw this, like, TikTok, and I — m- — okay. My new year’s resolution was along the lines of, like, trying new things, being more open, stuff like that, because I’m going to college and so this is my last semester. And so I feel, like, that this is, like, the right time to really, like, I can just do whatever. So I joined my school play. I’ve never been in a play. Um, and, you know, stuff like this. But I recently saw a TikTok about how you should get rejected, not reject yourself. 

Like — um, I can, like, kind of relate to this, because over the summer I didn’t think any professors would say yes to me. Regardless, they did not, I got my last email today from my professor saying that I can’t. But over the summer, I was like, “There’s no way a professor would say yes to letting me shadow with them.” And so I just didn’t, like, ask. And I waited months and I was like, “Okay, I’ll just, like, try.” And I emailed everyone, and a lot of people said no, but it wasn’t — many “no”s weren’t because they wouldn’t allow it, it was because of things like different things going on, stuff like that. 

But I realized, like, how true that statement is, of like, you should let yourself get rejected, not, um, reject yourself, because you never know what might happen. Like I never know, if one of those professors happened to have an opening, I could be there just because I asked. And yeah, I got rejected from all of them, but I — I don’t know, that really stuck to me because a lot of times I’m like, there’s no way I would ever get it or something like that, and now it’s like, “Why wouldn’t I get it?” I guess, if that makes sense?  Like you always think about, like, for example, like, college scholarships. Especially like Duke and stuff like that. Um, those percentages — the percentage of kids who get those scholarships is like 1%, 2% and I’m like, “Wow, like I’ll never — there’s no way.” But then I was — like, I don’t know. I shouldn’t limit myself because I think I can’t do it.

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