“I think the most expensive thing I’ve ever broken would be my face.”

So I think the most expensive thing I’ve ever broken, just taking it in a different direction, would be my face. I was a freshman in college, and I was playing soccer. And our coach was having us run a drill that as I describe it you’re gonna think to yourself, “Well, of course this was the outcome.” In this drill for soccer, he was asking us to head the ball. So you were competing with the person in front of you. Um, so really dumb, very stupid. Of course, this was gonna happen. What was interesting I guess, in my case, was we did not hit each other kind of face to face head on. I was coming up behind someone — I say — and then I think once you — backing up a moment, once you got the ball one direction, I think the goal was maybe to keep it off the ground or something. So people were juggling with their feet, their knees, their chest, their heads, whatever. And you’re trying to move it down this field and I think maybe every time it touched the ground they’d do a new, like, quote unquote “jump ball” So that was the drill. 

And I was coming up behind someone who was really short, like five one or two and I’m five seven and a half-ish and she, she was facing away from me, and she went to flick the ball backwards with her head, but she ended up head butting me with the back of her head on my orbital on my face. And I fell down, but I was a freshman so I was really awkward and just wanted to not make a big deal about things. So I stood up. I was like, “Oh, I’m fine,” not knowing my face was bleeding at this point and then I just kind of fell down again without, um, deciding to do that which is the only time in my life that’s happened. So then I realized, “Okay. Something’s probably not great.” And I went off to sit by the side of the field. And my coach at the time was pretty awful.

And so I’m sitting and I’m bleeding and I don’t even know if he called anybody. And then, shortly thereafter the captain broke her nose, or got hit really hard on the bridge of her nose. So he stopped the drill and I think realized, “Okay, we need to attend to these people.” And so I got hit right on my orbital, right under my left eye and I went — finally the athletic trainer came. I needed stitches and it was just awful, awful, awful because I’m wa- — I can watch them give me stitches. They’re stitching right by my eye. I can’t really — and I think I had to keep my eye open ’cause of the tension on the skin or something. So I’m like, you know, had never gotten stitches before in my life. Now, I’m watching them give me stitches. I went to the hospital and they di- — well, I guess I don’t know — I don’t remember what they did, if that’s an MRI or a —  I don’t know. They did something with my head and saw that I had a fracture on my orbital and I had a concussion also, which is not surprising.

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