“That was when I looked behind me and there was a pit bull.”

But I think they went into one of our cousins’ houses, and I wasn’t paying attention at all to behind me, because I thought, “Okay. The threat is over. Threat is down. It’s fine. We’ll, we’ll all be fine.” But that was when I looked behind me, and there was a pitbull. I think it was the pitbull that hadn’t chased at us, but it was the other one that went in a different direction. ‘Cause it, like, went through the alley, then went back to the front. So then I just — I just was frozen. I was way too scared. I never met a dog like this, especially at this age. And it was pretty big, right? It’s, it’s a pit bull. It was a whole adult pitbull, and I honestly, like, ah, shiver me timbers, right? Um, so I just stood there frozen. And it started walk — barking at me all of a sudden, but didn’t, like, lunge at me, which was obviously good. And it could have bit me. 

I’m not sure — to be honest, I think the only reason that it chased us, or like ran towards us and chased us, was because we ran. So I thought, maybe because I was frozen at that time, [it] didn’t bite me or think that I was playing with it, it didn’t chase me. I think that’s a really good lesson to learn.

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