“Look, I’m wearing my socks!”

Oh, “Have I ever done something that I made or did that didn’t work?” I knit a pair of wonderful socks. I knit socks, wool socks. They’re nice. I like them. It’s cold outside, I wear them, they’re great. However, I worked really, really hard on a wonderful pair of pink and white and turquoise striped socks. They had a wonderful pattern. They looked great and I was really excited because the pattern matched completely both — over both socks. They just matched perfect, was so excited with them. They looked just wonderful.

I finished them. I had tried them on as I went and I finished them and I tried them on, and they were too big. And I thought, “Well, I’ll, I’ll wash them and I’ll — maybe they’ll shrink up a little bit. They’re wool, maybe they’ll shrink up a little bit.” But they were the super wash wool and they didn’t shrink up. And they were just, just a little bit too big. And I had a frie- — I have a friend who I worked with for years, she’s one of the people who went to Michigan State, and I said to her, “You take a nine shoe, don’t you?” and she said, “Yeah.” I said “Well, my eight and a half socks turned into a nine and they’re just too big. And I would like to give them to you if you would like to have a pair of socks.”

And she said to me, “I’ve always wanted a pair of hand knit socks.” And I said, “Well you’re getting a pair now.” So I took them to her house. She put them on, they fit perfectly. Every so often, she sends me a picture of them on a cold day and says, “Look, I’m wearing my socks!” I’m so glad I gave them to her. It makes me so happy that she’s wearing them and that she is happy with her socks because they’re, they’re really, pretty cool.

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