“And by the time we get to the airport at 4:00, we get rescheduled again.”

This flight that we went home on Christmas Day — I woke up at about 3:15 to — ’cause we were supposed to check in at 4:00. I wake up at 3:15 and the flight has already been rescheduled. Because there was so much fog out of Detroit that planes were not allowed to fly into or out of Detroit. Um, so that was at 3:15. We get to the airport to check in at 4:00. And by the time we get to the airport at 4:00, we get rescheduled again. Then — ’cause we were supposed to fly outta Minne- — the Detroit flight was supposed to go outta Minneapolis. So then we get to Detroit, and the flight has been rescheduled another — a third time. We have to now fly out of Seattle. We get to the Seattle Airport and the flight’s been rescheduled for another time, um bec- — and they won’t — and instead of letting us go on the stand- — on the empty seats that are on the 11:30 flight ’cause, um — no, they make us wait to the, to the 4:30 flight. So we arrived four hours later than the tickets that we purchased, um, into Hawaii.

The — there’s always standby seats. So there’s usually like seven standby seats on every plane. But Alaska Airlines says “No, it’s our policy that we cannot let passengers go on the stand-by.” But they would — Alaska would rather make you wait five hours, five hours at the Seattle airport than give you one of those empty standby seats. I, I — that, that is just bad, bad attitude. If they have the, if they have the flights, and we’ve been rescheduled to — through no fault of our own, they should have let us get those empty seats and not make us wait.

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