“Oh, just in case anybody’s interested, you know, Michigan’s up 17 to something.”

I do have a headline that I actually knew nothing about until yesterday. I knew that the University of Michigan was playing in the Rose Bowl because I heard somebody at work talking about it. And I thought “Okay cool. That’s their last — like that would be their last game.” Like — and I, I asked somebody after the fact, as I’d kind of forgotten that it happened and then I asked somebody about it and they said “Yep, they did win.” And I thought “Oh good for them. Like the season’s over right?” I mean, I just didn’t even think about it.

So then I was at work yesterday evening. And somebody came up and was like, “Oh, just in case anybody’s interested, you know, Michigan’s up 17 to something” and I was like, “Wait a minute, didn’t they play? Is this the Rose Bowl? Like didn’t they already play?” I was so confused, had no idea that the national championship was a thing or happening or that they were in it had, had absolutely no clue. Um, so I was happy to hear that they won.

I have real no allegiance to Michigan or Michigan State at all. I have friends and family that have gone to both universities and I did not attend either university. So I definitely am, am not like a lot of people and have a strong, strong feeling towards one or the other. I think they’re, they’re both fine institutions, but it’s just fun that any school, anybody from this, you know, the state of Michigan, um, was — you know, did so well and, and was you know that — the national champion.

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