“I would probably win every single race, and it would make my life a lot simpler.”

Would you rather be as tall as a giraffe or as fast as a cheetah? I’d say I w- want to be as fast as a cheetah so I could run 80 miles per hour because I like to run a lot. The sport I play, which is soccer, includes a lot of running, and, um, at my school every year, there’s this thing we do called mileage club where if you run around, like, a certain course that they made, you can get, like, a toy token after running, like, one mile. And they would probably think I’m cheating or something. But I think it would be a really cool ability to have ’cause it would be like kind of having super speed or something. But I really wouldn’t wanna be as tall as a giraffe because, I don’t know the actual height, but I’m guessing that’s probably like 18.8 feet or something and I wouldn’t really fit in any rooms at all. I mean, it would have, like, maybe a really long neck, but there’s no uses for a really long neck. As a human, that is. I mean, they’re awesome, but you don’t really need them.

But being as fast as a cheetah, I mean, I could run around and do stuff really fast. Like if I — I would probably win every single race, and it would make my life a lot simpler. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t really need, like, a bike or anything. I could just go noom, zoom down there. Plus, I wouldn’t need a car, and maybe if I just grabbed something I could transport it with me. I dunno. I think it would be really cool. I, I could, I — if my family was on, like, a road trip or something, I could go next to the, the car. I can get out of the car, go next to them on, like, the highway or something, if they’re going, like, seventy miles an hour, and run alongside. Plus, I think it — like I said earlier, it would just have some really handy life stuff, like going to school for instance. Um, like going to work, just, you know, going to places. But I don’t know if being able to run fast makes the — your hands move around fast, like super speed could. So yeah, I think that’s all I’m gonna say now.

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