“Everyone just moved in, and I’d hear screaming, bloodcurdling screaming.”

Note: There is language that is excluded in the transcript but not excluded in the audio.

Haha, have I ever seen a snake? When I was a hall director at my current institution, I was out in the one community that’s on the north side of campus. Everything else is south. And so it’s a wetland preserve, and it has large snake nests along the perimeters and they’ve done a lot to smoke them out, but they’re there. And we would always tell our students, especially our international students who had a tendency to want to live in these communities — ’cause there’s a lot of cheap housing over there — we would tell them, “Don’t leave your doors open. Don’t leave your doors open. If you leave your door open, there’s a good chance you will have a snake come in.”

And it happened more often than I could count. It’d be summer. Beautiful day. Everyone just moved in, and I’d hear screaming, bloodcurdling screaming. So we’d run over, sure as s***, it’s a garden snake. Like, not the venomous one, but it was a garden snake. I’m not afraid of ’em. So we would just take a broom, we’d brush them out. And my one RA, he was from, oh shoot, Almeda? He was not afraid. He would just pick it up by the back of its tail and fling it into the woods before it could bite him. So we would — we would do that quite a bit. He was a good teammate.

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