“It was like the second most venomous snake in Australia.”

When I was in Australia one time — ugh, this was such a bad trip. Actually, I was in Australia twice. Um, the first trip was when I was younger. Might have been the first time I ever celebrated Christmas ’cause we didn’t really celebrate Christmas until my sister came in. So, I missed like seven years of Christmas, which I don’t really, like, care about. I did miss seven years of gifts. But, that’s not the point.

And yeah, so I remember — I don’t remember much about that trip in Australia, but when I was older, I had like, a whole biking accident and whatnot, and we [were] walking. And Australia is like, known for, for their stupid venomous like, spiders and snakes and stuff. And we were just walking, having a good time, and I, like, didn’t notice — like, the path was, like, dirt. So like, if you have a brown snake — I, I don’t remember what color it was, but I do remember not being able to see it. I don’t remember if it was ’cause I just wasn’t looking, which is probably the case, or if it blended in. Regardless, I almost stepped on a snake and I like just caught myself. And I was walking ahead, so it was not like anyone could warn me or anything. Um, or anyone who’s like, logically looking at the ground. And I almost stepped on it, and I saw it walk away, and it had this like, distinct pattern. And I remember I googled it, it was like the second most venomous snake in Australia. And after that, I ran to the end of the path and I wanted to go home. ‘Cause it was so, like, crazy that it just crossed my path and if I did one wrong thing, I would have been bit by a snake. So that’s — that was kind of jarring.

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