“The next time that she went there, there was a sign on the window.”

One of them was, “Have you ever created a rule based on something that you did?” It wasn’t me. It was my mother. She was a kindergarten teacher and there were certain things that she had her students bring in cash for. One of them was the book sale. She would send home book order with them and they were like on this really thin paper. It was like two pages front and back and you could order books for a pretty reasonable price and the kids would come in with their envelope full of, full of money, you know with what they — and their order sheet and they would get, they would get these — they would get the books and she would have popcorn sales. So it was like 50 cents for a bag of popcorn and the kids would bring in their money and that money then went back to the classroom so that they could purchase things for the classrooms and things. So she sometimes had all of this change that she would have to figure out what to do with, and so she usually would just take it to the bank and get it in bills, and, you know, instead of all of this, you know, just, just all kinds of, all kinds of change. 

So she went to the bank and was in the outer lane. So not the lane that’s up against the building where you can set your transaction into the slot that you know is directly into the building but rather at one of the terminals where y- — it shoots up through the like the vacuum packed — the vacuum sucker thing. Well, she just had coins and coins and coins and coins that she shoved into that, um, canister that went into the vacuum, um, chamber and apparently that did not go over well that there were all those coins in that, um, in that canister. The next time that she went there, there was a sign on the window that said, “Please do not put coins in this, in this canister,” you know, “if you have coins you need to basically come inside or, you know, use the other window” or whatever. And I think that sign is, like, still up there. Like I’m pretty sure — I mean this was — I mean, my mom hasn’t been teaching for almost 15 years and it was years before she retired that this happened and it’s still there to this day that you’re not supposed to put coins. And I can just imagine it like shooting out and like exploding with all the coins onto the, onto the wall or the floor or something. Like that’s in my head I picture what, what’s happening there, but it probably wasn’t that dramatic, but. But yeah, that was totally something that she did that caused a new rule to be formed.

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