“So I got to see the solar eclipse today.”

So I got to see the solar eclipse today. It was pretty awesome. I came down to see family in Ohio, in the Cleveland area, which just by sheer luck is in the path of totality and that was, that was really cool. I hadn’t experienced that before. When I was — I was thinking back to the eclipse in 2017. I think it was ’17. And I remember just looking through the glasses and seeing the moon block part of the sun. But, but yeah, I guess I forgot or just didn’t think about it that we didn’t have totality at that time, I’m pretty sure. ‘Cause I don’t remember seeing the sun, like, that with the corona and everything. And it getting, like, significantly darker. It was just really cool. It was really fun.

Um, so yeah, I was, I was hanging out with my, my mom and stepdad. There was a, a sort of solar fest here. So we went to that and that was fun. There was, like, food trucks and, like, science activities for kids that my mom organized ’cause my mom teaches science to kids. But uh, but yeah. It was a really good time.

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