“We were all just looking at the sun, slowly watching it get eaten up and it was great.”

So, today’s prompt is, “Did you see the eclipse last Monday, and if you did, what was your experience like?” So, it was actually really, really fun. There hasn’t been an eclipse since when I lived in — somewhere else, so it felt really great to see it again. And last time it was fun, but not nearly as enjoyable as this time.

Last time, we had these little boxes. Little shadow boxes that you could use to see a reflection of the sun or whatever. And then if you were lucky, there’d be like one pair of glasses per little classroom. Uh, and then we would have, like, one pair of glasses for each class. So I got to see through it for like two seconds, twice maybe, during the whole lunar eclipse, or solar eclipse, whatever it was last time. I think it was a lunar eclipse last time. Like, two, two years ago in 2019, I believe?  Something like that. And so it was pretty — it obviously was 2019, what am I saying? Two thousand — eh, well, hey, 2019. I don’t know. It’s been a while, man.

And so this time, I was really lucky. We — I go to a pretty small school, but we get no funding what- whatsoever. But somehow we had enough money to buy every student in the school a pair of solar glasses. And I thought that that was incredible. Very, very nice of them to do that for us. And so it was really great, and we each got a pair, and we got to go outside for the last 20 minutes of class to look at the solar eclipse to see how it was faring. So, the whole school was out in the front or in the back, and we were all just looking at the sun, slowly watching it get eaten up and it was great. It was really, really fun. But it got even more fun when I asked the teacher if I could keep the glasses over — over the — over — if I could keep the glasses overnight because by the time we left the school, it — the moon — it wouldn’t be at its, like, totality yet. And so I wanted to see it at its totality, and so I asked if I could keep the glasses for a few hours so I can see the totality, and then give it back the next day. And they said yes and I was like, “Oh, my gosh! Thanks! You guys are the best.”

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