She says, “You’re going out in that?”

So, you know, we get, we get the, uh, the warning and we’re — we’ve just gotten to [the mall] at that point and I had just ordered something so I, so I sent my daughter to p- — inside to pick it up. And then she comes out — thankfully they, they got our order done really quick, so we just drove off home. So we — I, I dropped her off at her house ’cause they, they live in a separate house. And — she and her dad live in a separate house. And I didn’t — I went to the neighborhood grocery store because we, we hadn’t gotten milk. So I go in and I get the milk. And [I’m] chatting with the grocery lady — the store manager, she — and then I walk toward the door. She says, “You’re going out in that?” And I said, “Yes, we have a tornado warning.” She says, “I know, I heard there’s si- I heard the sirens.” It was pouring rain. I got drenched just going from the door of the grocery store to my car and it’s side — it’s curbside parking. All I, I was only out for the, the width of the curb and the width of my car. And I got drenched.

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