“I kept, like, rolling up the sleeves and I was just sweating so much.”

The second time that I remember, I was — we took a trip up to the Upper Peninsula to visit my mom’s family and I had packed, you know, a certain number of outfits for the weekend that we were gonna be there. It was during the summer, but for some reason I think I thought that it was supposed to be a little bit chilly, or maybe I remember being on Mackinac Island before and sometimes it’s cooler there than it is on, you know, the mainland. So I had — the only outfit — that was our last day. We were, we were in the UP and we were coming back down south, gonna stop, spend the day on Mackinac Island and then come back to Traverse City. This is — I was probably in hi- — I’m thinking I was in high school this time. The only outfit I had left was a black turtleneck sweater. Like, that’s what I had to wear on the top. That was the only thing I hadn’t worn yet of the clothes that I had brought with me. Now, if I was intelligent I would have just worn something else, you know, one of the other pieces of clothing that I had even if I had already worn it because it was hot that day, and being on the island did not make that much of a difference in the way that the temperature felt. It was so warm that day, and I kept, like, rolling up the sleeves and I was just sweating so much and so, so hot and my mom and sister who I was with were looking at me like I was absolutely insane because I pretty much was like, I don’t know, I don’t know what I was thinking. It was so, so, so hot and I don’t know why I didn’t even — like, why couldn’t I just buy a t-shirt there? I probably didn’t want to spend the money. Or just so many ways that I could’ve made that situation just a little bit more comfortable, a little bit better, but I didn’t end up doing any of them and just kind of suffered through basically.

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