“I ended up emailing the designer to ask for clarification.”

I was working on a new knitting pattern and it said that it was for an advanced knitter, which I probably qualify as in certain circumstances. So I bought the pattern and I started it and I was reading the instructions word for word and it was — on paper, made sense to me, but every single time I tried to knit it, it wouldn’t work. And I don’t really exactly know how to explain the problem — if you’re not a knitter it’d probably be really tedious. But I went to — there’s a website called Ravelry and it’s where people post photos of their finished items and they’ll comment sometimes on specific patterns. So there were a lot of people that said like, “I also got caught up on the first step. But then, once I figured it out, it went really smoothly!” And it was kind of annoying ’cause it was like, “Well, what did you figure out? Like, what am I missing?” And so I think a couple people in there said something that kind of helped me, but I still was lost.

So, I ended up emailing the designer to ask for clarification and they got back to me super quickly and clarified it. And I tried it and it made perfect sense. It worked out just fine, but I was so frustrated. I think I knit it, like, four or five times and then had to rip it out. And the type of yarn I was using — like, some yarn you can knit and knit and knit and knit over and over and, like, rip it out and knit it again and it’s fine, it doesn’t look any worse for the wear. But this specific kind I was knitting with is mohair. It’s like super airy and not really something that you should be knitting over and over and over and over again. And so I was getting really frustrated that I was gonna mess up, you know, a big portion of my yarn, too. So, anyway, that is my story.

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