“Somehow, I think I did not choose the correct things, because it was too spicy for me.”

We said okay, let’s go to the restaurant. We went there and then you, you will not believe that how crowded that was with lots of Indian young people. Like those who are here. So, we were waiting and waiting and we do not know if we will get space to — if we will get placed to sit or not. But by God’s grace, we got the place and that place was kind of dirty.

So then I said “No.” And then I asked — we got some Kleenex and started cleaning and then after that we sat and we ordered. And then, then the, the girl, she ordered chicken biryani, my husband ordered mutton biryani, and I was just — I just sticked with the veggies and then — and chicken, I think it was tandoori chicken. So, but I thought okay, it will be very good for, for me to eat just veggies because I am on Optavia diet, so wanted to be very strict with that.

So, somehow, I think I did not choose the correct things, because it was too spicy for me. And chicken also was too spicy, even though it was tasty, but I know that after eating that it will bother me. So — and I don’t wanted to say no because then my husband will feel bad. Then I, somehow, I managed to eat the chicken and then the cauliflower coated with the — I do not know it was, kind of like a, uh, fried cauliflower. So, but, somehow, then also I ate, and I did not say any single thing, because it was tasty also. And then I know that next day it would bother me, or the same night.

Then when I came home, oh my goodness, my stomach started hurting a lot. And I did not know what to do and all. I put peppermint oil on my stomach and then even my throat was itching. And even I took one acid tablet, but then also it was, like, bothering me like anything. And I know that’s the effect of only chili because chili is kind of very, very bad for me. I cannot handle any kind of, like — not even black pepper also. That bothers my stomach a lot. And then I did not have enough of vegetable, I think that also was the reason that I was not able to digest. Because if I have enough of vegetable, I think that kills the chili hot thing which goes into the stomach. But somehow that cauliflower also was kind of spicy and that’s why I think my stomach started hurting.

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