“So he cropped my head onto Paula Nakayama’s body…as if I was one of the Supreme Court Justices.”

When I got admitted to law school, my husband wrote one of those fake news articles announcing that I had been appointed to the Supreme Court. Just a comedy kind of thing to congrat-, you know, congratulate your girlfriend on getting admitted to law school. Uh, this is before we were married. I have a copy of it somewhere but that was, like — what was that? Close to 40 years ago so I have no idea where it is right now. But I would love to find it and it was, it was a really nice one.

When I graduated from law school, he did one of those — this was the days before Photoshop. There happened to be a female Justice on the Hawai’i State Supreme Court, so — and her name was Paula Nakayama. So he cropped — he’s a reporter, he’s a — they have to do photography and reporting back in those days. So he cropped my head onto Paula Nakayama’s body in the photo of the five Supreme Court Justices of the Hawai’i State Supreme Court and as if I was one of the Supreme Court Justices. So that was his graduation present to me when I graduated from law school. So th- that’s a nice — it was a nice, really nice present.

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