“When do you learn to multitask?”

I recently had a baby and as such spend a lot of time around a baby. Um, this is my first kid and really the first baby I’ve spent much time around. Um, I’m the youngest sibling and cousin and just was not raised around little, little kids. So this is my first time spending any significant amount of time with a young child and it’s really interesting to watch them grow and change so quickly. It’s really fun. But something that I noticed today was just how incapable she is of multitasking. And granted, the things she’s able to do is a very short list. She can eat, cry, sleep, poop, pee. But I was feeding her and she kept pausing, but I couldn’t figure out what was going on. She was clearly hungry, she was, like, kind of ravenously eating and then she’d stop and then she’d start again, stop, start, stop, start. And normally when she’s hungry like that, she just lays into the bottle and destroys the entire thing. So I was thinking, like, “Why is she doing that?”

And then I started noticing or hearing, feeling that she was farting every time she stopped and it was just kind of a funny reminder that like, she can’t — she doesn’t know how to do both of those things at one time, at least right now. She’s very intentionally focusing on eating and then very intentionally focusing on farting and then back and forth, back and forth. It made me think of the question that was posed about — around when have we — I — we, the royal we, tried to multitask and how did it go for us, and just made me realize that I guess a couple weeks ago, I would have thought that there’s certain things — especially like farting can be a voluntary thing that you choose to do. I would have suspected that as a baby it’s an involuntary thing your body just does, but I don’t know, the way she was going back and forth made me feel like it was a voluntary choice she was making. It’s something she was doing so it m- made me start to think about when do you learn to multitask?

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