“The government is there to take care of the basic things.”

Today I will be interviewing my brother, who is nineteen years old and will be voting for the first time in a presidential election.

So, what does voting mean to you, through your perspective?

Well, I’ve always viewed voting as a method for a normal person to have a say in their democracy. Growing up in elementary school, we learned about different types of government, like democracy. And I always figured that self-government would probably be the best. But then I learned about something called a Democratic Republic, which is you kind of vote for people who do, you know, the voting for you. Right? So you still have a say and it’s still technically like a democracy and I feel like it’s really just a good way for any person to have their voice heard, so they can, you know, they can have somebody speak for them as well. How do you feel?

I agree. I think voting is one way a person can get a say in their government and it really helps us as a country to know what our people want.

Yeah of course. The whole point of government is to help with the needs of the people, you know, do what the people want it to do.

And I think yeah, voting, like it just tells the government. What do the people want? How do we make them happy?

Well, I agree with that but also it’s a little bit more. The government isn’t there to keep people happy, in my opinion. You know, I feel like the government is there to take care of, you know, the basic things the common defense, you know, building roads, building parks.

Yeah, that’s what I mean by happy like providing for those basic things and doing a good job in that.

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