“What do you think the difference is between sneakers and tennis shoes?”

What do you think the difference is between sneakers and tennis shoes?

I think the difference would be, one of them is more for running or playing tennis which is tennis shoes, running shoes, whatever you call them. Sneakers are kind of just for fun. There’s someone in my class that has, during cross-country season, he would wear like two different ones to school and I’m pretty sure that he’d probably — that he wore during the school day or like and during cross-country. So the ones that he wore to school he’d probably classify as sneakers. The ones that he wore at cross-country practice, he’d probably classify as tennis shoes or running shoes or if there’s a different name people call them. That’s just my opinion on the difference between sneakers and tennis shoes. When I think of sneakers, I think of some comfy shoes that I can just where all day long, versus some hardcore running shoes that are more made for you to run in and be active in. But I think you could do the same with sneakers, you could probably run in sneakers and it’s fine if you wear running shoes to school. So, I don’t really think — it’s that important of a difference but someone might think it’s important and that’s kind of what I’m thinking.

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