“I am officially in my second trimester, which is big big step for my wife and I”

Also this week , I am officially in my second trimester, which is a big big step for my wife and I, so we’re both really excited. We’re really looking forward to getting to May when we can see an ultrasound and have a little bit more — being calm and feeling more safe and being able to start telling people. But it is really exciting to finally make it to the second trimester officially. We have started trying to making a private registry, so it’s really exciting to look at everything that you can have, and the world you are gonna be creating for our new family, and all the possibilities. Just trying to have a positive momentum, about pregnancy and starting our family. So we’re really excited. We’re gonna be waiting kind of long, I don’t think we’ll be telling until Week 21 ‘cause that’s when we’ll finally have our ultrasound, and so we’re trying to have our registry ready so that after we find out, we can tell people. So we can plan our Zoom baby shower and everything. Yeah, it’s really exciting to be busy and also to be starting the second trimester, and to be shopping online, not buying anything but like putting it on a wishlist, looking at all the fun things that you’ll have to buy, the scary things. Getting nervous and excited and … So it’s a really exciting time for us. And I will say, with the sun coming out and the warm weather, it’s really picked up our mood.

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