“I am grateful for family. I’m grateful for the vaccine.”

This week I am grateful for family. I’m grateful for the vaccine. I feel like I’ve been grateful for both of those things before, but this week it was particularly special because the vaccine allowed me to finally see my family again. I was able to see my dad for twenty five minutes in a Kmart parking lot on Christmas Eve in Marshall, Michigan, but before that I hadn’t seen him or anyone else really, since the summer of 2020. And even that was only for a day. So, for the first time in a calendar year, I was able to go to my family’s home. And we, my girlfriend and I, stayed there for three maybe four days, since my girlfriend and I both have both shots from the vaccine and my dad has both shots and my stepmom has both shots. We’re able to just feel a sense of normalcy again and it’s not all the way there, there’s still plenty of things we can’t do and the masks are omnipresent anytime we’re in public, but I had such a wave of nostalgia this week by just living normal life.

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