“I don’t understand at all the internet rage over… the pineapple on a pizza is a horrible thing.”

I am going with this week’s featured question. Would you rather have anchovies or pineapple on your pizza? This is both easy, but hits on a topic that’s been very confusing for me. I would rather have pineapple, I’m vegetarian, so not interested in the anchovies, for obvious reasons, though I don’t mind that people eat other ways. Even when I did eat meat, I didn’t like anchovies. I understand, they’re probably delicious for somebody, just not me. But a confusion, I don’t understand at all the internet rage over — it was like a year ago — the pineapple on a pizza is a horrible thing. I don’t know where that came from, or how that could be a concept cause I enjoy pineapple on a pizza. It becomes the sweet to the savory balance. Sweet and savory. It’s like a nice addition to a pizza. And back when I did eat meat like ham and pineapple on a pizza. Oh my goodness. I remember when that was this crazy new thing when I was a kid, and we went to Pizza Hut and got ham and pineapple pizza. Oh, I’m telling you, that was like “OH WOW”. And then it’s delicious for the same reason that putting pineapples on a ham when you roast it is delicious. So I remember when that was novel, like, oh hey, there’s that idea. You could put pineapple on your pizza with ham, and wow and it works, it does. Even as a vegetarian I’ll put on, you know, savory ingredients galore and olives and stuff, and pineapple can make a really wonderful compliment to it. So I don’t understand how it suddenly became gross or weird or whatever.

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