“You’re not supposed to hear that”

Have I ever heard something I wasn’t supposed to? Oh good Lord, yes. Are you kidding me? One time I remember when I was a kid. I had come downstairs and I overheard my mother talking on the telephone in the kitchen, on the old wall phone in the kitchen. And she was talking to a girlfriend of hers, a lady friend of hers, and I forget what the salty language was, what the word was. She didn’t know I was there, obviously. And whatever she said, I came around the corner and I said, “what did you say?” And she looked so busted as she saw me standing there. It was really kind of funny. I probably was a teenager at the time and I said, “what did you say?” And she said, “you’re not supposed to hear that.” I said, “you’re not supposed to say that.”

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