“What if we made up our own language, and we could play games and stuff and win?”

Me and my closest friend — me and my best friend came up with — it wasn’t really like a language. It was– I guess it was kind of like a language, but it was kind of all-around strange, where it was like some letters were like little movements, some were like saying something, some were like moving a certain way or moving your leg or scratching your head or something. Like the letter A was like staring at someone — like staring at her or like a really long blink. I think that the letter C was like cracking your knuckles. We try to kind of move a letter to have the first letter of that thing to kind of be the letter that we’re corresponding. So I think B was like do a fake burp, so B-Burp. C-Crack your knuckles, I don’t know why A was blink. I don’t think I could come up with anything for A but I can– I think I have a list I could probably look at. Yeah, I found the list. E is like, elevate your chin. F is fake laugh, G is grab something and I is like itch yourself. So overall — it’s like — there’s obviously more letters, but that’s just some of them. I don’t feel like naming off all of them. But, we made it like last summer I think coz we were bored and we were sitting on a hammock and we were like “what if we made our own language?” And we could play games and stuff and win if we were on teams. So then, because then we could be talking to ourselves — with each other and nobody would know, yeah.

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