“The first time I had ever cried tears of joy and they were just spontaneous”

Joy feels like happiness. It’s exuberant! It’s, it’s overwhelming. It’s a good feeling. It just feels like, I don’t know, fun? I guess exuberance is kind of the best I would feel it, sometimes depending on your level of joy. I think you can have different levels of joy. When I was a kid, I was ten years old and my parents bought me a new bicycle. And I had been riding my, my sibling’s girls’ bike when I learned to ride. She no longer lived at home. And you know, it was what it was. I mean, it was a way to get around as a kid. Well, and my parents, to my surprise, had me go out into the- into the barn and there assembled into the barn was my brand new bicycle. And it was a beauty. It had built-in headlights and it had a big tank on and it was, you know, and it would probably weigh like a ton-and-a-half. I don’t know. It was gorgeous, but it was great and I, I was so joyful. So happy that I literally cried tears of happiness and tears of joy. I had always heard about it, you know, tears of joy. I thought that was some kind of a, you know, something I think that they imagined for stories or something, but they really were tears of joy. The first time I had ever cried tears of joy and they were just spontaneous. So joyfully, joyfully- joy feels really great to me. It’s just an exuberant feeling of, you know, the whole world is, is right. Everything is great and it’ll never be that good again. And I’ve felt a series of joy. I’ve had joy since then, but I, I’ve never quite had the same tears of joy for such a thing like that. I, I was completely caught by surprise. And even talking about it now almost, almost seventy years later, fifty-seven years later. I’m sorry, sixty years later. Fifty-seven years later, man. It’s, it’s, it’s I can still remember how great it felt.

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