“I think the last happy memory that I have of you…”

It makes me think of an ex-boyfriend. This is going to get depressing real fast, I think. But essentially an ex-boyfriend of mine, guy that probably actually I would consider as my first love, he was in high school. He was a high school sweetheart. One of the last things he said to me during, during our break up actually, I know, so depressing, was you know, he was, we were talking and he was recounting one of the last times like a previous time one time when we had talked and gotten together just before that. And it was, he was basically saying to me like, “You know, like this has been really hard. I think the last, like, happy memory that I have of you was when we went to this park one day and you were wearing this like yellow, striped shirt.” And, you know, he was like, “Yeah, I remember walking up to you. You were sitting on the swings, you were swinging back and forth and that yellow was just really bright and you looked, it looked really good and exciting at the, you know, there was some flowers behind you, and they were also yellow and you basically matched the flowers.” And I don’t know. This is like, so depressing, but he basically said like, “Yeah, you know, I feel like that was the last time that we were happy together. And so, you know, I know this relationship is over, but when I think of you, I’ll think of that day.” And that is what I think about. That was the first thing that came to mind when, you know, really I thought really thought about the color yellow.

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