“I ran my second half marathon ever today”

I ran my second half marathon ever today with my brother and I’m really proud of myself. It was really cool. Because this race was very different from my first half-marathon I did. The first one I ran just by myself last year because of quarantine and Covid. There weren’t any races going on, but I really wanted something for me to do, since I had more free time was to learn, how to train to run a half marathon. And I did it. And then this year my brother was inspired. So he wanted to run one with me as well. And so we signed up for the Chicago half marathon, which was today and it was so much fun. And so different from the first one. We ran with six thousand people. It was wonderful. The entire time there were people cheering us on. The whole race just went by in a flash. I know it sounds crazy because it’s such a long run. Like, I did the whole thing in two hours and six minutes, but I feel like I blinked, and I was at 9 miles. And I just — every second was so fun. The halfway point was inside of a concert venue, and we — like the back of the venue where someone would drive a car to drop off equipment in the venue, we ran through there, and then turned around in the venue, and then came back out. We ran along Lake Michigan. It was just so beautiful.

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