“Why isn’t this purple?”

“What do you associate with the color purple?” That’s so funny that the Godmother does. My grandmother, is what I associate with purple. She absolutely loved purple. And everybody knows that she loves purple. And usually, if you give her something that isn’t purple, that could be, she kind of gives you a look like “what’s your problem here?” Like, even the envelope on a card she kind of looks at you like “why isn’t this purple?” Or the writing in the card, “why isn’t this purple?” Like she kind of gives you that look like “This could have been purple and it isn’t, so maybe make that happen next time.” I’ve recently bought her a book that’s called — I’m not going to remember the exact title of it, but something like, something about having more purple people in the world. And I thought that was so totally appropriate for her. And the book is really interesting too, about being your unique self.

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