“With technology and social media there are new ways to encounter magic.”

Also like recently now with social media and technology there are a lot of magicians in a sense who post videos. So there’s this really popular influencer called Zach King, and he has these mind-blowing magic tricks that he posts about. Like I saw him on TikTok the other day. He used to be very popular on Vine a few years back and he has YouTube and everything and he puts — it’s incredible what he does and I’m still amazed by it, like it does not seem possible. Like he can be standing in front of a train and then suddenly he pulls a train out of thin air and it’s like a toy train. And it’s like, how did you even do that? Like, how does the editing come into play? But yeah, so it was cool to see physical magic shows, but it’s also interesting that now with technology and social media there are new ways to encounter magic and, you know, be fascinated by it. And it is for all ages. Even though the shows, I haven’t been to any since I was very young. But magic is, of course, for all ages. And I know some people are not that interested in it. They don’t, you know, enjoy the concept of like deceiving in a sense, but I think magic is super cool. I wish I could do it. I might pursue it but I think that with the technology and social media, it’s gotten way cooler. Like I love watching those videos. They’re just so fascinating.

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