“I’m like, ‘Where’s the ice cream? This is not coney island.”

When I was little, I was such a Dora kid – I loved Dora, I had a Dora hat, a Dora backpack, Dora shoes. I even had Dora – like a Dora plate, and I would eat my food on the Dora plate. And I remember watching this one episode of Dora where they went to this place called “Coney Island,” and it was this big old ice cream land where there was ice cream everywhere, and I thought that was a real place. So I kept asking my dad, “Can we go to Coney Island. Can we go to Coney Island?” And he finally said yes. And when he took me there, it was this big amusement park. And I was so confused. I’m like, “Where’s the ice cream? This is not Coney Island.” He’s like, “No, this is Coney Island.” And he showed me the sign and it said “Coney Island.” So, I’m like, “Mm, whatever.” And like, I went on this, I went on these rides. There’s this one ride where you sit on it and the seat would go up and down and, like, spin you around, it made me so dizzy. And when I got off it, I was so dizzy, I was about to fall. And after we did it, there was like this game we could play, whack-a-mole. So I played whack-a-mole for the first time. It was so hard because the moles would come out and you would have to hit them but like, they’ll go back down so quickly. I tried to win as – I tried to like get as many, like, hit as many moles as I could, because I really wanted to win this prize, which it was like this big soda plushie. I really wanted to get it. I kept asking my dad, “Can I try again? Can I try again?” Until he told me to “Stop, that’s enough.” It was so funny because I told my siblings and my mom and dad about how I thought, when I was little, I thought Coney Island was like, a whole ice cream land, but it was actually this big amusement park back in New York. And they started laughing. They were like, “Wow, you were such a Dora fan back then you really thought Coney Island was a real place?” And, like, I’m embarrassed about it, but it was nothing I could do, I was a kid. I had a giant imagination and I just, I just loved Dora, I guess.

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