“She lived in a place just completely surrounded by hills.”

This week’s theme is brown. So I’ll be telling you about my outdoors adventures as a kid. I grew up in a seaside town, but we moved to the city shortly after which means that my outdoor adventures were pretty much either swimming in the sea or, well they pretty much stopped when we moved to the city. But when we would go over to my grandma’s place for vacation and stuff, me and my brother would always have our little outdoor adventures there because she lived in a place just completely surrounded by hills. You have to — you had to travel a good forty minutes to see any kind of people besides us. So we would just climb in every olive tree we could find. We would roll down whatever hills it wasn’t too dangerous to roll down of. We would try to scale down just the steeper cliffs. We would go play with the chickens and go look for foxes in the forest. And it was just a really fun time. And I still remember it very clearly. This summer, since the pandemic restrictions lifted, we went back to my Grandma’s place and met our little cousins there, which are about five years old right now. And I really enjoyed it, cause I guess I could pass on our traditions to them as well.

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