“Across the street I have neighbors who have three skeletons…”

Across the street I have neighbors who have three skeletons that they unveiled probably three years ago, and they — the three skeletons have developed a personality and a story line over the past three years. And every week that neighbor of mine will take those skeletons and shape them into another scenario. For instance, last week they had a kiddie pool that which had one skeleton sitting in the kiddie pool while two others played, I don’t know, maybe, badminton, I think it may have been. And this week one of the skeletons is in their tree, stuck in their tree, presumably, with two other skeletons down below reaching out to help and one has a stepladder. So I guess I do — I guess I do have a favorite decoration now that I think about it, and it’s right across the street from me. So, a tip of the cap to that guy who keeps the Halloween decorations fresh. It’s not brutally scary or anything. It’s in good fun. He’s got like a three skeleton family thing going on over there, where the child skeleton’s always up to no good.

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