“But I mean, we are the Great Lakes State, right?”

I thoroughly believe that if we had a Christmas tree with it, like, embodied, Michigan, it would be, like, some way, shape, or form made out of water. It’s ridiculous. But I mean, we are the Great Lakes State, right? So, like, maybe like a pole or something could be, like, there, and then there’s, like, just water shooting up of it and it, like, goes down in, like, these cascades and makes like a waterfall, you know. I don’t think it’s actually, like, possible, like scientifically, but it’s still cool. And I’m pretty sure – I feel like that’s what would embody Michigan the best. Maybe, like, we could add a bunch of apples to it. Like just, like, throw some apples onto the water. And, like, then it would be great. Um, maybe – I don’t know, like, maybe some deer, too. Not like real deer, you know, like just, like, ornaments of deer and we could, like, put them all around the tree and that – I feel like that would help embody, because, like, Michigan has a lot of wildlife. And I mean, we could also, like, represent the huge different amount of seasons because like, I’ve lived in other places and I know that there’s places where it’s, like, cold all year round or, like, warm all year round. However, we experience all four seasons. So maybe like each corner can be, like – first, it’s super hot in the summer, which it can be, like, yellow and then the other side’s, like, blue to represent winter and then we just have, like, cherry blossoms to represent the spring and, like, a bunch of dead leaves to represent the fall. I think that would be cool. So pretty much I think a tree would look like a giant pole sticking out of the earth. It’s making, like, water. So like to shape the tree, with a bunch of apples on it and deer ornaments with each side of it being a different season.

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