“If this is where we are with virtual reality now… I can only imagine where we are going”

You know, I’m so used to someone saying, like, “you should watch this show or play this game” and you can hop onto YouTube or hop onto my TV and there it is and you can feel what someone is talking about, but you can’t do that with virtual reality. You can only experience it, you can only experience it first-hand. So that was a pretty, like, it feels weird to say it, but that’s a pretty exciting moment of my weekend. My brother started us with like a tutorial where we’re just kind of like in this like sounds strange to say, but like in this virtual camper van in a way with retro computer gear and it’s where you practiced picking things up and I had to pick up floppy disks and put them into the old computer, and it would create a 3D object that you could then manipulate, whether it be nerf gun or a butterfly, where if you stick your finger out in real life, the butterfly would come land on your finger. Gosh. And then we tested one where we were on board the ISS, the International Space Station, and I’m gonna tell you it’s not perfect, of course. I remember the resolution, I’m totally nitpicking here, the resolution on the ISS, once you’re out in space. Space didn’t look super-duper sharp, if I had to be like a real stickler, but all I could think about was the possibility when I was done. If this is where we are with virtual reality now, which is an amazing experience already, a stunning experience, I can only imagine where we’re going with this thing

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