“She made me feel like I’m a human.”

Like I said before, this kid has been bullying me and I spoke up. I emailed my teacher and I just kinda told her about what’s happening and I asked if I could switch seats cuz I felt — and then I said, I felt greedy and I was sorry for wasting her time. And she responded, and she said — like I just said like my self-esteem was being lowered. My confidence is being lowered and it was already low and I have trouble making friends. And I felt like crying when I read that email that she sent me back. It was an amazing email, she just told me about I’m strong, and that it’s a big thing to be brave and to advocate for yourself, and that it’s wrong for him to bully me and just that I can move seats, and she just said so many kind things that really touched me. And if I become a teacher, I want to be like her. I want to care about my students so much, and I just want to put that confidence on them. And she made me feel really good about myself and she made me feel like I’m a human. Yeah, I can do this.

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