“I am not nervous about anything at Christmas.”

So you’re excited for Christmas because of new toys? 

And just other stuff.

Like what? 

Maybe I might get some Roblox. I don’t really know because how could I know. 

I know but you wrote your letter, didn’t you, to Santa? 

But Santa doesn’t — Santa can’t always get those things. And you also — I also will get presents from like you and Daddy and so I probably have some presents. Yeah. 

Is there anything about Christmas that makes you nervous? 

What? Well, no, not really. Well, actually there is one thing that — actually there isn’t. But I kind of have been thinking something about Christmas. You know like the Christmas presents down at the — at your Christmas tree or like the ones you told Santa you wanted and the ones in the stockings Santa is the one who picked those. I kind of think that like Santa Claus gets to pick those and you get to pick the other ones. 

So you’re nervous about what Santa’s going to pick for you? 

No, no, no, not what. I am not nervous about anything at Christmas. 


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