“…my fifth grade childhood memories Pokemon are all deleted”

The Pokemon franchise was released in 1990s and still popular today. What Pokemon do you think most embodies you? That’s a hard question. So I really like the Pokemon series. In fact, even though I’ve only played one game which was Pokemon X and Y. I really, really loved it. Like, I was in fifth grade at the time. I had — like the Pokemon I mainly use was the Sylveon if you look it up. You’ll see it’s like this — it evolved from the Eevee. It’s like a very — it’s a white dog I guess. It’s like a combination of a dog and a rabbit cuz the rabbit ears. It’s white, it has pink and blue ribbons. It’s a very nice Pokemon. It was like level eighty something. I don’t know. I used it so much. It was so strong. Like, you would go against like these giant dragons and like, you know, Bulbasaurs, Charizards and then there’s just like this tiny little dog, who destroys them in one shot, that was really fun. But then my little brother took my save file, deleted it and then he started playing off it. So now my fifth grade childhood memories Pokemon are all deleted, my Sylveon is gone into oblivion.

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