“I think that’s what’s missing now, is just — play.”

If I remember the 70s, what something that I miss from that era?Well, in the 70s, in 1970, I was nine years old. And I grew up in that. So from age 9 to 19, I mean, it was my formative years. I missed the tight-knit family that I had, I miss being free to go outside to hang out with my friends go bike riding and do anything we wanted to do. My mom would open the door in the morning and shoo us out and we come home for lunch, and then we were to come home when the lights came back on. I miss that freedom.

My kids had a little bit of it growing up, but I was much more conscientious of where they were, and what they were doing than my mom was. And now my grandchildren, don’t get to go outside and play without my daughter right there. If the kids are biking, she’s sitting on the porch watching them and they’re not going far.

You know, we used to go and make mud forts, and we would make these massive cities out of dirt, and we’d use our little matchbox cars and we’d work on them for hours in the sun and we’d run home and get popsicle sticks for this or that, or we you know, we would play. And I think that’s what’s missing now, is just play. Everything is organized and watched. And I miss that.

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