“…she’d prop it up to this 70s hairstyle”

Have you ever tried to do your own 70s-inspired Hairstyle? What was it? So I have never tried to do my own 70s hairstyle, but my sister has. So over the pandemic, me and my sister both had online learning, and unlike me and I woke up ten minutes before class. My sister would wake up five minutes before class. And so she didn’t have time to fix her bad hairdo.

And so what she would do is she would prop up like the hair — like right at top of her head, right above her forehead, she’d prop it up to this 70s hairstyle when you have like a big mohawk thing on the top of your hair. And it would look beautiful on Zoom. But whenever I would walk in on her, whenever she would come down to eat or something, and we saw her hair, it would crack us up because it looks so 70s, but it also — there’re just so many clips and stuff propping it up that you couldn’t see on Zoom. We thought that was hilarious, especially if she like kind of turned her head or something, and people saw the clips, it would be hilarious, but that didn’t happen to her.

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