“So I feel sometimes like I do live in a yellow submarine when I’m at work.”

And the biggest feature in [our library] is a huge submarine. And when they originally had it planned, they had it being an orange submarine with sort of yellow accents. And I saw the pictures of it and I sort of went, “Oh, I don’t really think that we — I don’t know if we want, like, this big old orange submarine in here.” Can we — even though I love the color orange, I just did not think that it would, I didn’t think it would go well. So I said, “What if we switched the colors and had yellow be the dominant color and orange sort of be the highlight colors, or the highlight color?” And everybody was like, “Okay, that sounds great.” So that’s what we ended up doing and our director at the time, he had — he made sure to go online and to look up, you know, yellow submarine to make sure that it didn’t have any sort of hidden meanings or if there was anything that anybody could take from that other than, you know, what the, what the song, you know, says. You know, you never know if there’s, there’s some sort of hidden meaning or something behind it. So he couldn’t find anything that would, you know, kind of anybody could maybe question with that. And now we have people who come in all the time and look at our yellow submarine and just think that it’s absolutely fabulous that we have this yellow submarine. And beyond that, I mean the kids don’t really know that it’s a yellow submarine and that that means anything, they just have a fantastic time, you know, learning and playing in this, in this area in our library. So I feel sometimes like I do live in a yellow submarine when I’m at work. ‘Cause I’m in there quite often having to clean it and having to interact with patrons in there and things like that. So yeah, that’s that’s my yellow submarine story.

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