“…What’s the best Beatles song is a trick question. They’re all spectacular!”

So the, what’s the best Beatles song is a trick question.They’re all spectacular! I don’t know that there’s one where I’m like, oh, that’s a terrible Beatles song. I mean, there’s definitely some that like will get stuck in my head for days and days and days and days and days. And just hit the right notes for me. Some of the ones that like periodically do get stuck in my head are “Eleanor Rigby” “Hey Bulldog”. Those two were at the tip of my tongue at the moment. I love the Beatles. I’ve always loved the Beatles. It’s taken me a long time like for a while, I was more a fan of their later work, but as I get older, I appreciate their earlier work too and when they were the what do they call them them the moptops or the British for – I don’t remember what the words were at the moment, but like “Love Me Do” and like their early apperances in the US like I get it now!

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